Description Spectra Clean 9901 is an unique Neutral Ultrasonic Cleaner. It is non-caustic, biodegradable detergent based cleaner built with anti-corrosive additives. Spectra Clean 9901 is ideally suitable for cleaning of non-ferrous metals, which are highly sensitive to caustic based cleaners. Spectra Clean 9901 is recommended for cleaning high silicon alloy based, aluminum die casts, and buffed brass and bonze and stainless steel components. It is recommended for cleaning of buffing compounds, rust preventive oils, lapping of pastes etc. The Spectra Clean 9901 is non-staining, if the rinse after cleaning is based on D.M. water. Spectra Clean 9901 does not attack the base metal and hence helps in retaining the original polished surface after cleaning the buffing compound.

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