Metal Working Fluids


Spectacut provide good surface finish required for steel machining & grinding , better tool life, good corrosion protection, Safer processes. Stable products gives long life to coolant, lower maintenance cost.


Spectacut range of products for CI machining provides very good flushing & machine/ job cleaning properties. Very good rust protection at low concentration, low carryover losses, low consumption. Longer sump life.


Spectacut products are very well suitable for aluminium & AL Alloys better surface finish & dimensional accuracy, suitable for aerospace AL alloys, good heat carrying capacity keeps coolant stable & give better tool life


Spectracut MWF is designed to suit various materials, in challenging situation Spectracut had outperformed in multimetal machining/grinding operations. Better material compatibility, low consumption, longer sump life is also well managed by Spectracut Multimetal MWF.